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flash tattoos 2

If you have a thing for jewelry and a thing for tattoos, this should be your new greatest love. Flash tattoos provide you with the glam of gold or silver jewels and with the coolness of tats, with the ability to remove them whenever you like. It’s one of the latest trends of this summer, though it made its first appearance in 2012, when Dior was selling 24-carat gold body art at the price of 120 euros. Fortunately for gold lovers, this trend is getting bigger and bigger and you can find some luxe body art at the amazingly low price of 20 bucks.

metal tattoo

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flash tattoos

gold flash tattoos

tattoos as jewelry

flash tattoos 2

metallic flash tattoos

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These tats, last about 4 to 6 days, depending on how well you take care of them and they’re great if you want to add a little bit of extra glam to your summer or festival outfit. At Coachella, they were the biggest trend.

pros: They are easy to apply and easier to remove, with some baby oil. Avoid applying lotions and creams cause they will fade faster.

cons: They leave tan lines.

tip: Don’t overdo it, but wear with some real jewelry for an even more amazing effect.

What’s your personal opinion on this trend? Rad or bad?

Personally, i’d love to have 1-2 of these gold tats, on the back and arm for my vacation for my beach outfits.

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