Like being in Panama

Do you ever feel like a tourist in your own city? Well, it’s not exactly my own city, but i did yesterday. Maybe that’s because i just moved here and still discovering places, spaces and interesting little things (like this panama hat, maybe?)  but i have to say i like that feeling of the unknown. Feeling so ready to explote all the wonderful spots of Athens and i’ll try to show them all, through my upcoming posts.

panama hat

You’ll have to excuse the photobombing that follows -i never post so many photos-, but there’s a before and after of this outfit, that i would like to show to you.

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September Moodboard

Fall Trends 2014

Fall Trends 2014

(images via,,,

Fall trends 2014, have already affected my mood. Though the weather is still warm and sunny, and just 3 days ago, i was spending my day at the beach, i’m already dreaming of wilder sceneries like parks full of golden leaves on the ground. So, keeping an image like that in mind, the color palette of the upcoming fall, includes earth tones like, beige, taupe, coral and gold.

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Get cozy and romantic in these ethereal finds

romantic night

1. Donna Karan sleepwear

2. Love necklace

3. Dior lipstick

4. Embroidered Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases

5. Tory Burch candle

6. Givenchy perfume

Spending the last days of summer in the city, is always giving me the blues, so instead of dreaming to hit long sandy beaches again, today i started dreaming of cozy winter nights. A romantic night at home, is sure to get you through the summertime sadness. Lana Del Ray must know exactly how i am feeling these last few days.

Romantic candlelight, ethereal sleepwear and a sweet perfume is all i need. And my boyfriend of course.

How are you planning to transition your mood into fall?

Beach dresses

Kimonos are a trend i found really interesting a couple of years ago when it all started with the bohemian trend rising, but i’ve seen so much of it, it has really worn off in my eyes. So, instead of a kimono. this summer i opted out for beach dresses. They seem to me like a more fashionable and comfy solution for a beach cover up.

 white beach dress

The moment i saw this dress, i fell in love with the sporty fishnet details and the deep V at the front. Perfect to show just a little part of the bikini and some skin.

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Get sporty

The sports luxe trend, has received a lot of love lately, and even though i’ve added many sporty items to my wardrobe and outfits, like sporty bras , i’d love to move the fitness trend onto my feet. So, i’ve been thinking to invest more in trainers with the fall approaching. Narrowed my favorites to these three classics, with the Adidas superstars making it to the top of my list:

adidas superstar

Adidas Superstars, here and here

Already imagining several outfits to go with these!

adidas stansmith women

Adidas Stan Smith

Nike roshe run white

Nike Rosherun white

All these fashionable trainers are so comfy and breathable at the same time, and after wearing so many heels lately, it would be nice to rest my feet for a while.

Which one would you choose?

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Reasons to surf

Alexander Wang has done it again.

These unique Alexander Wang surfboards, in a world where fashion meets surf, are the ultimate must have. Even though i’ve never layed foot on a surfboard before, these just might give me a reason to jump on to.

alexander wang surfboards

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Flash Tattoos : Trend Of The Moment

If you have a thing for jewelry and a thing for tattoos, this should be your new greatest love. Flash tattoos provide you with the glam of gold or silver jewels and with the coolness of tats, with the ability to remove them whenever you like. It’s one of the latest trends of this summer, though it made its first appearance in 2012, when Dior was selling 24-carat gold body art at the price of 120 euros. Fortunately for gold lovers, this trend is getting bigger and bigger and you can find some luxe body art at the amazingly low price of 20 bucks.

metal tattoo

Scroll down to see more images and find where to shop this new trend.

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Ways to wear your shirt

What a girl needs is a classic button down. If it’s crisp white, if it’s striped, if it’s colored, it doesn’t matter. The more the better of course, cause there are so many cool and different ways to wear your shirt, that you can constantly reinvent it and wear it like new every time.

Cool ways to wear your shirt

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