December Moodboard

Winter trends 2014

Like every month, i am presenting you my current mood and cravings. Seasons and trends change as we go and December with the huge temperature drop, couldn’t make me want anything else than grey shades and warm textures. Some of my favorite winter trends 2014 include :

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A Gift A Day – Moschino iPhone Case

Moschino iPhone case

A gift a day series continues, with these awesome and fashion forward tech wrapping gifts. A Moschino iPhone case, will put a big smile, in just about everyone’s face.

Shop Moschino cases :

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A Gift A Day – Diptyque Candles

diptyque candles

If you are following fashion and deco in general, you might have noticed these candles are in every fashionista’s home and workspace in particular. (See my pinterest board) . Diptyque candles, come out in so many scents, that are sure to satisfy everyone who has a love for discreet and sweet scents.

They make a perfect Christmas gift, regardless the gender, or someone’s personal taste. Is there someone who doesn’t love vanilla?

You can also find them in mini shapes and different scents, all in a small beautiful package.

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A Gift A Day

Like every year, i am thinking about all you, my lovely readers, who are in search for lovely Christmas gifts.

So, with Christmas right down the corner, from this day till Dec. 25, i will present you a gift option. Will it be for your other half, will it be for your mother, father, brother, in the end of the year,i hope to have provided you with some interesting ideas for perfect Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Gifts

Today’s gift, is a Multi Strap Watch by Aldo. With the four different straps, gold, leopard, brown and red, this makes a perfect gift, for that someone special, with a strong sense of fashion and a no sense of time. Make her never miss an appointment again, with the amazing straps, that can be combined with everything. Plus, everytime she changes the strap, she will feel like wearing a brand new accessory.

For 42 euro, you will make someone, extremely happy. Every gift looks absolutely perfect in a small box and makes the heart go pumping, before you even open it. And, there’s not a chance in the world, that she won’t like at least one of the color options available.

Christmas gift for a fashionable friend, found.

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Embellished Jeans

Remember my October moodboard and wishlist here? Where, wishes actually do come true, and one trend i am loving at the moment, is slowly but steadily finding it’s way to the designers hearts and minds. What is this you ask? Embellished jeans. I love the classic denim, the last few seasons i have also loved and embraced rips (like a true 90s kid), but it feels like it’s time for this closet staple to get an upgrade.

Embellished jeans, are the hottest and fashion forward thing to try on right now -aren’t you bored with those rips, yet?- and it’s not your usual denim, so, it’s definitely worth to give it a try. Add a little sparkle. After all, Christmas is down the corner.

Embellished jeans

Spice up your denim and give it an interesting twist, with this season’s hottest denim trend. Sequins, patches,rhinestones, pearls and tulle, or other amazing materials that you can patch up on your own too, will give your jeans an instant upgrade, while still staying comfy. If you’re a DIY expert, try this at home with whatever works your way and reinvent your favorite pair of jeans, denim jacket or shorts (for those who live at warmer places) and get some ideas from these amazing pieces i’ve found on the best online stores.

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Asos Sale Picks

Asos Sale Picks

Some of my picks, from the huge Asos Sale (one of my personal favorite online destinations), which is happening at the moment. Bargain prices, of the most amazing designer brands, and Asos own line. And free shipping as always of course. Don’t mind me if i stalk Asos pages for endless hours, will you?

shop the post:

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